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Agency Entourage, a Dallas-based marketing agency, is excited to announce hiring Jon Link as Director of Storytelling and the launching of a new storytelling video department. With this addition, Agency Entourage is set to expand its storytelling capabilities by offering end-to-end video production services to its clients. Here’s what you need to know about our new director of storytelling and storytelling video production services:

Exceptional Storytelling with the Help of Jon Link

Jon Link is an accomplished filmmaker with an extensive portfolio that includes films, documentaries, and docuseries. He has directed and produced multiple award-winning films such as Travis: A Soldier’s Story and The Luckiest Man. Link’s appointment as Director of Storytelling marks a new chapter in Agency Entourage’s growth. With his appointment, the agency is confident it can help clients tell compelling stories and create meaningful connections with their audiences through video.

End-to-End Video Production Services

The new storytelling video department will provide clients with end-to-end video production services. From scriptwriting to the final cut, Agency Entourage will leverage the expertise of professional copywriters, creative directors, art directors, and videographers. The dedicated team of video production experts will work closely with clients to produce compelling and impactful video content.

Expanding Agency Entourage’s Capabilities

Link’s unique perspective and passion for creating films that tell powerful stories make him a valuable asset to Agency Entourage’s clients. The new storytelling video department allows the agency to create more engaging and immersive brand stories for its clients, using the power of video to help brands connect with their audiences on a deeper level.

Agency Entourage is excited about the future of digital marketing and the opportunities that the new storytelling video department will bring for its clients. Want to learn more about Agency Entourage’s services and how they can help your brand tell its story? Contact our team today to enhance your marketing!

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