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When it comes to digital marketing strategy and posting content, it’s not all about what you’re posting but it also matters when you’re posting. Facebook has great back-end tools that make it easy to see when your audience is most active on your page. When it comes to other platforms like Twitter or Instagram, it can be a little bit of a guessing game.

Here’s why it’s important to consider the time you’re posting, and how considering your audience’s state of mind can make all the difference.

What Content Works Best at What Time on Twitter

Some may think Twitter has fallen behind Facebook & Instagram due to its stagnant user growth. But Twitter still averages over 320 million monthly active users. These users are primed and ready to engage with your content! But what kind, and when?

6AM – Noon

When users wake up in the morning, the first they grab for is their phone. What kind of content are they looking for?

People like to catch up on any news or information they may have missed overnight or from the previous day. Users are likely to engage while they eat breakfast, on the way to work, and even into lunch. Videos and posts that provide fresh info, news, entertainment or educational content that can be quickly consumed work best during these hours.

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12PM – 6PM

Work days are stressful. During these hours people look to social media when they want to get away from work during a break, lunch, or running errands. Offer content that’s funny, engaging or even provides a short how-to a user can learn from.

 Posting Content

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6PM – 12AM

After work is time to unwind. This is generally when people look to social media to follow their interests and disconnect from their day-to-day obligations. Humor always wins during this time period and content that typically doesn’t require too much thought is a plus.

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Agency Entourage is an industry leader when it comes to keeping up with digital trends like when the best time is for posting content. Our team specializes in integrating social media strategy that work for our clients.

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