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We’ve all heard the common phrase “content is king.” This year, we urge you to consider ‘what’ kind of content really is ‘king.’  Although posting consistently will continue to be a best practice, it’s necessary to begin shifting focus to boosted posts pg slot  that require more careful consideration. Let’s discuss some of the ways in which your social media strategy is more important than ever in the age of algorithm changes, post boosting and shorter attention spans.

Building Brand Consistency

Consistency in anything is key, but nothing could be truer for brands. It’s important to identify how you want to be consistent. Determine how often you want to post, it’s recommended to post daily, but more never hurts. Determine what type of content you want to post, are your themes consistent? Most importantly, is your brand voice consistent? Keeping these 3 elements top of mind in your social media strategy will ensure you’re creating a social media content well suited to your brand.

Target Your Audience and Set Goals

Often times, brands forget to set content strategy goals based on their audiences. The people who actively look at your content make your social media strategy work for you, so why not center your content goals around them? Don’t forget to consider your multicultural and hispanic audiences as well.

Part of your content strategy could be to do a giveaway, but if your audience isn’t interested in the prize,pg slot  it will be difficult to run a successful promotion. Separate your overall business goals and set individual social media goals, What do you want to achieve in 6-month’s time? Do you want to calculate your social media ROI? There are many objectives in this space, so don’t be afraid to shoot for the stars, or the “likes” in this case.

Beat the Competition

An effective social media strategy leaves plenty of room for creativity. This will help your brand to stay on top of trends, but also allow your brand to develop itself creatively in hopes of trending. Your strategy will also free up time for you to see what others are doing and find new ways to collaborate with brands, your audience and clients.

These are just a few things to consider while revamping your social media strategy for 2018.pg slot  Let Agency Entourage help you keep track of your social media goals during these new algorithm changes and help you find new ways to engage your audience! Contact or email us at info@agencyentourage.com.

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