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Three Digital Marketing Trends You Should Know About for the New YearAs 2020 comes to a close, it’s time to start preparing your businesses’ digital presence for the new year. 2020 was unprecedented in many regards, and digital marketing’s landscape hasn’t been impervious to the world’s changes. From how we engage customers through social and paid media campaigns to technical components on Google’s back-end, digital marketing is ever-evolving. Agency Entourage is prepared to identify your business’ unique goals and strategically implement digital marketing programs developed with the latest digital marketing trends.  Here are three of our top digital marketing trends you should know about for the new year from Agency Entourage:

1. Create Valuable Content That Builds Trust

Consumers are spending more time on mobile apps than ever before. According to Forbes, in 2020, 1.6 trillion hours have been spent on mobile apps. Users are engaging with content at an accelerated rate and brands have the opportunity to foster valuable digital relationships with their consumer base. Businesses who create valuable content build trust with their customers thus creating a loyal customer following who continues to support and engage with them. Creating valuable content will look different for each unique business we work with. This might mean exploring new social media mediums such as Tiktok or Instagram Reels, an SEO strategy refresh, new brand imagery, and everything in between.

Brands will succeed by focusing on user and search intent, or the specific questions consumers are asking search engines. Tapping into the mind of the consumer and building content around their specific needs will create value. By answering customer questions in interesting ways brands are able to build trust and see major gains through their digital marketing efforts. Agency Entourage has the expertise required to bridge any gaps in your current content strategy to help your company gain traction online.

2. Monitor Core Updates from Google

A major benefit to working with a full service digital marketing agency is that we are constantly evolving our processes in real-time with industry updates. Google plays a key role in how brands perform online as it is the most widely-used search engine. Brands that successfully appear on page one of a Google search have a higher chance of generating business, as they are more visible to consumers. By staying up-to-date on Google’s core updates, your business will begin to gain traction digitally by becoming optimized for search.

In 2021, Google will begin introducing core web vitals as a search ranking factor. This means that the back-end functionality and user experience of your brand’s website are becoming more important than ever before. Our creative and development teams are prepared to make expert recommendations that will help your business stay ahead of the search-engine curve. Want to find out the health of your website?  Connect with us today!

3. Implement a Highly Targeted Paid Media Plan

In 2020, consumer desire to support local business skyrocketed. In tandem with this consumer trend, mobile ad placements jumped 70% in the first half of 2020 alone. Having highly localized paid media targeting is key in activating the market closest to you. From running localized hyper-targeted ads to offer claim ads that build incentives to make conversions, our team will make highly strategic recommendations that align with your business’ goals.

Additionally, we have the resources to build specific buyer personas to best target your perfect customer. As consumer habits continue to change in our ever-changing world, we will be able to build ad campaigns that best meet their needs. Agency Entourage’s paid media experts are prepared to recommend and execute paid media strategies that will tap into your community’s desire to support local businesses, help find your brand’s perfect customer, and ultimately, generate conversions.

As we enter 2021, it is important to critically review your business’ digital marketing efforts. Digital marketing trends will continue to evolve and Agency Entourage is prepared to walk alongside your business to help reach its goals. Want to discover how Agency Entourage can help your business grow in the new year? Learn more about our capabilities by inquiring today.

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