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Are you leveraging your brand with Google AdWords?

Are you leveraging your brand with Google AdWords?

When it comes down to it, business is all about one thing: making profit. The strategies and methods you use may be different, but the tools available to every business are the same. If you’re already well-versed in social media marketing, it’s time to take it up a level and start using Google AdWords.

Three Reasons You Should Be Using Google AdWords


Reach Your Target Audience Faster

Google is the king of the internet, currently owning 90% of the search market.  While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still important, Google AdWords help you drive paid traffic to your website. This means your product or service will rank higher in a quicker amount of time.

For example, although Agency Entourage ranks on the first page for “digital marketing agency dallas”, agencies around Dallas pay to appear higher for those same keywords:

Google AdWords Paid

Paid Advertisements Rank Above Organic Results when using Google AdWords


Agency Entourage's SEO efforts have helped us rank on the first page.

Agency Entourage’s SEO efforts have helped us rank on the first page.

Google AdWords Is Measurable and Adjustable

Google AdWords provides many of the same metrics you will find on other platforms like impressions and clicks. But it will also help you understand more about the purchase cycle for your online customers. With metrics like cost-per-acquisition (CPA), click-through-rate (CTR) and conversion rate you can get a better of idea what is and isn’t working. This allows you to make adjustments on the fly to optimize your campaign for maximum ROI.

Target the Best Audiences

When you are setting up campaigns on Google AdWords, your ability to target consumers is unmatched. Similar to SEO, you can target specific keywords that are relevant to your brand, product or service. In addition, you can also target using location, time of day, language, browser, device type, as well as access to users on both Gmail and YouTube.

At Agency Entourage, we specialize in digital marketing. All of our Interactive Producers are Google Analytics and Google AdWords certified. We can help take your product or service to the next level by increasing traffic, qualified leads and sales!

If you’re are looking for a Dallas marketing agency, give us a call today at 214-414-3035 or visit us online to learn more about how we can help.

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