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Online Real Estate Marketing Tools

If you’re in Real Estate, the first thing you’re probably thinking about is how many people can come visit your properties and less about online real estate marketing tools, but did you know that 44% of homebuyers purchased a home that they found by using the internet?

With more and more millennials joining the homebuying market, real estate businesses need to not only join the online game, but also implement the latest and greatest tools. For 2018, our team has done some digging and uncovered the top online real estate marketing tools to help your real estate business.

Up Your Social Listing Presence

While having your properties listed on Zillow is extremely important, Facebook has recently launched dynamic ads for real estate that specifically focus on cross-promoting your listings. Considering only 9% of realtors use social media to market their listings, utilizing this online real estate marketing tool sets you up to stand apart and reach the consumers your competitors are not.

Get the Word Out

If you’re still stuck on selling potential consumers in person, meet them halfway with digital-focused, easy-to-design invitations on Modern Stamp that get the word out in a format your consumers enjoy, but that also encourage them to come see the property.

Live Next Door

With so many social platforms, it’s hard to decide which one is right for your business, but one important platform that should be on your radar is Next Door. As a community-based social network, Next Door is a reliable, local source that consumers trust and one you want to be a part of.

Real Estate Marketing Tools for 2018

As you start thinking about your marketing plans for 2018, think about what tools can help your real estate business get to the top. Download our coveted Real Estate Capabilities Deck today to learn about our top picks and how to use them.


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