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Instagram Lead GenerationOkay, you’ve created a landing page, a Google Ad campaign, and Facebook PPC campaign, but your advertising efforts just aren’t moving the needle all the way! It’s important to leverage your social media platforms, after all, your posts can be just as effective as ads. Facebook and Twitter are simple, all you have to do is share a link, but there are a number of ways to leverage Instagram for your Lead Generation Campaign.

“Link in Bio” Approach

This is perhaps the best way to lead traffic to your landing page. You may not be able to share many links in Instagram, but everyone is familiar with the adding a link in the bio approach. Having a solid social strategy paired with adding a link is an essential part of driving traffic to your Instagram feed. Constant traffic can lead to a possible new follower or two and of course, more impressions on your content. Your social strategy will allow you to leverage impressions and traffic to build an audience and create ads that appeal to them. This will eventually yield higher click-through-rates and more sales!

Boost with a paid Instagram Ad

Are you struggling to get your 100th follower? This strategy will not only get people clicking on your link, but it will also allow for your account to get some exposure and lead to more followers on your new Instagram account. Instagram ads are created in Facebook, so you can generate the quality leads important to your business goals by finding the right audience. It’s absolutely essential to make sure these ads are captivating, as it will interest your followers, but also create a positive brand image. Quality video is always more interesting than a static post on any feed, because it grabs user’s attention. Like Facebook, Instagram offers multiple ad products, so find new ways to get creative with your advertising options.

Make It a Contest

This strategy requires more moving parts. If your goal is to generate a lot of leads quickly, this approach will entice users to submit their information in exchange for some type of reward, while also building your brand’s presence online. Keep in mind this may not be the best strategy for quality leads with longer sales cycles, but it’s the best option to build your brand’s social media presence. It’s ideal for eCommerce sites and B2C businesses where you derive business from your followers.

Tag a Friend

To execute this strategy with success, you’ll have to create multiple Instagram posts with the call to action– “tag a friend.” This strategy will require relatable copy, a link in the bio and if you don’t have many followers already, a boosted post. Engaging content is always king, so stay away from generic posts. By following this strategy, you’ll not only build your direct audience, but you will also grow your audience network.

With so many ways to drive traffic to the site, there’s virtually no reason to not leverage Instagram posts into your lead generation campaigns! Look for ways to use compelling creative paired with these strategies to ensure successful traffic, audience growth, and quality leads!
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