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visual searchVisual search is making our lives easier and allows us to find exactly what we’re looking for. We’re sure there have been countless times that you’ve been inspired by your friend’s home decor, their outfit or even a complete stranger’s outfit for that matter. Usually, finding similar items or the exact item you are looking for on the web becomes a tricky word game. We’ve all been there. Visual search through Pinterest Lens is the answer to this frequent problem. As your digital marketing experts, we explore visual search.

What is Visual Search?

We’ll start with the basics. Think of Visual Search as visual artificial intelligence. Essentially, visual search works by comparing pixels in imagery to identify exact and similar results. Although this technology is not new, Pinterest is leading the way in visual search with Pinterest Lens.

What is Pinterest Lens?

Pinterest Lens is like Shazam for real-world objects (AKA the answer to our prayers). Users simply point their Pinterest Lens at anything, and Pinterest comes back with the exact product, similar products and also provides recommendations. Users are quite literally visually searching for their next purchase. For now, Pinterest Lens can recognize items across 3,000 categories and works best for home decor, things to wear and food to eat. Tap your Lens at a food item, and recipe recommendations will appear. Tap your Lens at a pair of shoes, and Lens will give you styling recommendations. Pinterest Lens is paving the way for Visual Search and making our lives WAY easier at the same time.

Pinterest has also released two additional visual search tools: Instant Ideas and Shop the Look.

Instant Ideas

Pinterest has also released ‘Instant Ideas’ within their app, which allows users to unlock related ideas for different pins they see.

Shop the Look

Exactly how it sounds, ‘Shop the Look’ enables users to track down and buy products. Just tap the circle to find the exact style or similar styles to what you’re looking for.

This type of search is tapping into real-time demand for consumers and enables them to purchase instantly. E-Commerce brands such as Amazon, Target, and Neiman Marcus have already started investing in their visual technologies within their apps, and it’s expected that many more brands will follow. Copywriters will never admit it; however, sometimes it’s just too tricky to find the right words for what you’re looking for.

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