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It seems like every year we hear marketing professionals and publications proclaim it’s the year of video. And every year the online video statistics get bigger and bigger. YouTube now has over a billion users and 500 million hours of video are watched there each day. When the first broadcast television commercial in 1941 aired, I’m sure it was also the year of video.

I’m not saying that video is overhyped; I’m saying we need to reframe how we describe marketing through video. Simply saying, “it’s the year of video,” is thinking too small. Welcome to the age of online video.

Video is the Preferred Form of Content

Everyone has heard the news of the plummeting attention span among humans. So as marketers, how do we go about getting attention for our brands? The answer is highly engaging and helpful video content.

Online video content is quickly becoming the most used way customers conduct product research. Whether you’re watching an unboxing video of the latest gadget or trying to figure out what’s wrong with your car before taking it to an auto repair shop, video is the go-to method for research. If you can help consumers make intelligent purchase decisions, they are more likely to trust and choose you for the product or service.

Online Video Ads are Transforming

Millennials and Generation Z don’t pay much attention to emails or lengthy, written content. However, they do pay attention to videos. As far as video is concerned, YouTube is king. YouTube reaches more millennials than any television network. The best part is, YouTube is also great for advertisers. Here’s why:

Targeting and Relevance

With so much data and the many targeting tools available on YouTube, your brand is able to stay relevant to viewers. It’s easy to align viewing habits and audience segments with your product or service categories. This personal approach to advertising puts you in front of the right people at the right time.

Non-Traditional Ad Formats

With YouTube, you’re not cornered into a 30 or 60 second commercial spot. Your video can range anywhere from 6 seconds to 3 minutes. If you want to run a pre-roll video longer than 30 seconds, you can employ the skippable ad format. This empowers your audience to skip the ad after 5 seconds if they’re not interested, or stay for the whole thing if they’re hooked. The newest format is the 6-second bumper ad, but don’t underestimate the amount of creativity you can pack into a short video ad.

Ready to Start Recording?

I hope that you walk away from this blog with a new appreciation for online video and the potential it can have for your brand. You’re now ready to enter the age of online video with the help of your entourage.

If video is a largely untapped resource in your organization, we can help you bridge the gap efficiently. Or if you have tons of video archives, we’ll repurpose it to use online. Let us know either way by sending us a quick message over on the homepage.

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