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Our team was thrilled to work with Cooper Construction to produce a safety training video that showcases the company’s commitment to safety and highlights its brand story. Cooper Construction is a leading construction company known for its commitment to safety, quality workmanship, and customer satisfaction. Our goal was to produce a video demonstrating the importance of safety in construction work and telling the story of Cooper Construction’s dedication to its employees and clients.

To ensure the safety information portrayed in the video was accurate, we partnered with a team of safety professionals who worked closely with our production team. The video showcases safety procedures designated by OSHA and is intended to encourage safety among employees. We were careful to provide accurate information about Cooper Construction’s processes and procedures.

The video was filmed on-site at one of Cooper Construction’s active job sites, allowing us to capture real-life construction footage. We made sure to showcase every step of the construction process, from laying the foundation to the final stages of construction. The footage we captured gave viewers an inside look at the work that goes into building a project, highlighting Cooper Construction’s expertise and attention to detail.

In post-production, we used graphics and animations to help explain key safety concepts and to provide additional information about Cooper Construction’s brand story. We also added interviews with key employees to provide a personal touch and to help viewers connect with the company on a deeper level.

Overall, our team is proud to have produced a safety training video that educates employees and showcases Cooper Construction’s commitment to safety and quality workmanship. We are confident that the video will be an effective tool in helping Cooper Construction continue to build a strong and safe team.

Pine Mountain Reserve is a nature preserve spanning over 800 acres of pristine forest and winding creeks. We spent days capturing the beauty of the reserve in all its grandeur, from the Iush greenery to the Clear blue skies. Our team used drones, time-lapse techniques and a variety of camera angles to showcase the vast and varied landscapes of Pine Mountain Reserve.

The end result is a stunning video that truly captures the essence of this beautiful piece of land. The video has been used on Pine Mountain Reserve’s website, social media platforms and email marketing campaigns to promote the natural wonder of this area to potential investors.

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