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Agency Entourage had the privilege of collaborating with Cumberland Youth and Family Services to create a heartfelt video that showcased the incredible work the organization does to care for youth in foster care. Our mission was to tell their brand story through video storytelling and to encourage viewers to support their cause through donations, volunteering or other forms of support.

We focused on capturing the emotional impact that Cumberland Youth and Family Services has on the youth they serve, by telling the stories of those who have benefitted from their services. Our team spent time getting to know the staff and listening to the stories of their residents, and we were touched by their compassion and dedication toward each other.

Our team spent several days filming interviews, capturing footage of the campus in their day-to-day activities, and documenting the staff at work. We wanted to show all that goes into caring for youth in foster care, from providing basic needs like food and shelter to supporting their emotional and educational growth.

Our videographers and editors worked tirelessly to weave together all the pieces into a beautiful, heartwarming story that would resonate with viewers. We chose music that evoked compassion and created a visual narrative that showed the transformation of the youth with the help of Cumberland Youth and Family Services. We are proud of the final product and believe it does justice to the incredible work that Cumberland Youth and Family Services does for the community. Our hope is that the video will inspire viewers to take action and support this worthy cause.

Pine Mountain Reserve is a nature preserve spanning over 800 acres of pristine forest and winding creeks. We spent days capturing the beauty of the reserve in all its grandeur, from the Iush greenery to the Clear blue skies. Our team used drones, time-lapse techniques and a variety of camera angles to showcase the vast and varied landscapes of Pine Mountain Reserve.

The end result is a stunning video that truly captures the essence of this beautiful piece of land. The video has been used on Pine Mountain Reserve’s website, social media platforms and email marketing campaigns to promote the natural wonder of this area to potential investors.

We believe in harnessing the magic of storytelling to craft captivating brand narratives.

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