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You’ve crafted the perfect campaign for your next offer with brilliant ad creative and witty call-to-actions (CTAs) but no one is converting. The first question to ask yourself is what journey does a user go through on your site to become a qualified lead? Are you sending them on a long,pg slot  confusing chase starting from the home page and ending up on some obscure contact page? Or are you providing a seamless user experience that makes it effortless for users to submit a form or purchase a product using a landing page that provides tailored content to the campaign you’re running?

6 Major Benefits To Using A Landing Page For Your Digital Campaign

We hope it’s the seamless experience, but surprisingly, 44% of clicks generated by B2B companies direct users to the home page instead of a landing page. Is your business part of that 44%? Maybe you don’t have the means or maybe you’re not convinced, but as campaign development and planning experts, let us show you how your digital campaigns can benefit by using landing pages.

But First, What is the Difference Between a Landing Page and a Web Page?

The easiest definition is that a landing page is a specific page users “land on” from a digital campaign. The main purpose for a landing page is for businesses to capture lead information, get a sale or both. A landing page has specific content, pg slot which almost always includes a form with a specific CTA, that is tailored to a specific running campaign, whereas a web page is a standard page that is part of a larger website.

So how can one benefit from using a landing page instead of using a regular web page? Here’s how:

1. Increase Conversions

It isn’t rocket science. Making it easier to take action on a page makes it easier for a potential lead to convert. Setting up clear CTAs for users to take which are consistent with the ad that brought them to your landing page will increase your conversions. With the average conversion rate in AdWords across all industries being 2.7% on the search network and 0.89% on the display network, you need all the help you can get. So, do yourself and the consumer a favor and make it as easy to convert as possible… with a landing page.

2. Generate Deeper Data and Insights

By setting up a landing page geared toward a specific campaign, you are able to set up better tracking and garner greater insights about who is coming to your landing page from what source and how they interact with your content. Are they submitting a form? Hopping to another section on your website? Bouncing off? By creating a separate landing page for each campaign you run, you’ll be able to identify common trends and behaviors and adjust strategies for future campaigns.

3. Improve Paid Search Campaigns

In case you didn’t know, Google is a stickler on the impact a landing page can have on your Quality Score. Google recommends landing pages because it helps users find relevant content more easily. Without a landing page, your campaign will have lower ad visibility and ultimately less traffic to your website.

4. Increase SEO Ranking

In conjunction with improving paid search campaigns, landing pages can also boost your SEO. Not only can you have landing pages that convert more traffic, but drive traffic too. Just like blogging, SEO-specific landing pages can help you rank organically.

5. Generate a Greater Brand Awareness

While your main goal will be to generate leads or rank on Google, landing pages are also a great opportunity to build awareness for your brand or services. They also allow you the opportunity to experiment more with your brand’s look and feel in a shorter time with smaller expenses than updating a whole website. By using a landing page, you can A/B test new creative elements for your brand and really zero in on what consumers enjoy seeing from you.

6. Grow and Tailor Content for Your Customer Base

Generating more leads is great, but through higher conversions attached to specific campaigns, you also have greater opportunities to identify customer segments and create retargeting campaigns solely around those audiences.pg slot  Instead of lumping everyone to one landing page where they submit their information to the same exact form, create landing pages with specific forms for each campaign. This way, when you want to retarget your customer base that was interested in a specific product or service, you know just who to target, setting yourself up for more conversions.

As you can see, there are lots of things you can do and many ways you can benefit from using landing pages for your digital campaigns. Ready to start building out a landing page but don’t know how to start? Send us an email at info@agencyentourage.com or fill out our contact us form, and we would be more than happy to assist you in optimizing a landing page for your digital campaigns.

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