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Multicultural Marketing

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The ‘general market’ no longer exists. To reach customers, you have to accurately reflect their world. This requires an understanding of language, cultural and demographic variations. At Agency Entourage, our experts teach you to effectively reach diverse markets. We find the common ground between your company’s benefits and your customers’ needs. It’s essential to recognize and research the unique experience of target customers and to engage with your audience. At Agency Entourage, we help you reach your full potential.

Surround your brand with our entourage of experts

  • Develop culture-specific marketing strategies for targeted campaigns
  • Research and engage in cultural markets and non-profit organizations
  • Partner in monitoring customer activity across a range of platforms
  • Manage customer retention, satisfaction and support across cultural barriers
  • Build a loyal following of customers that love your brand

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    Our Brand Experience

    Building A Following For These Entourages

    “Producing the first live blog from the TX ACG Capital Connection enabled Allegiance Capital to expand the return on our annual sponsorship of the event while promoting the event itself. The Agency Entourage team advised us well and helped us deliver a production that the ACG and we were very proud of. We’ve received many compliments, generated media coverage and continue to see results from the online visibility and content created.”

    Katherine Kirkpatrick | Allegiance Capital | Vice President of Public Relations


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    Connect with OUR Multicultural Marketing EXPERTS

    • Isabelle Glastonbury
      Isabelle Glastonbury Interactive Producer
    • Roz Theesfeld
      Roz Theesfeld Creative Director

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